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CEREC technology is an amazing advancement in the way porcelain crowns and tooth colored restorations are made. Now you can get a great looking, all porcelain crown in a single visit! This saves you from having to come back for second appointment. Using pattented CAD/CAM technology, your tooth is prepared for a crown, the crown is designed while you watch and then milled to fit your tooth in a matter of minutes. CEREC is just another way that we offer state of the art technology in a caring, small town environment.


Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces.  This system uses clear, lightweight "aligners" to move the teeth instead of the bulky metal brackets and wires used for braces.  Invisalign was designed for people who want straighter teeth without having to endure unsightly braces. Because the aligners are removed before eating or brushing, your teeth stay cleaner, and there aren't all the dietary restrictions often related to traditional braces.  The aligners are so clear and thin that nobady will even know you are wearing them.  If you've ever wanted straigher, healthier teeth, Invisalign is for you!  For more great information, follow this link to the official Invisalign website:  

 Tooth Whitening &                   Bleaching

At Woodland Dental we want you to love your smile!  A very popular service we offer is bleaching or whitening of the teeth.  Many people try to use over the counter "strips" to whiten their teeth.  While these work in some cases, they don't always achieve the results people were expecting.  We offer custom made bleaching trays that fit only you. Because these trays fit so precisly, you can use a more concentrated bleaching gel.  This insures that you get the most effective result possible.  Ask about our custom bleaching option today!

Snore Guards &
Sleep Apnea Devices

Two of the newest and most exciting services we offer are snore guards and sleep apnea devices.  These are custom fit trays that you wear at night to reposition your lower jaw to eliminate snoring or apnea.  If you have someone who wishes you didn't snore and keep them up during the night, a snore guard might be just what you need.  If you've had a sleep study and been diagnosed with sleep apnea, an anti-apnea device will be just what the Dr. ordered.  Most of the patients we make an apnea device for already use a CPAP machine and hate it.  It's noisey and uncomfortable, not to mention a pain to lug around on trips.  Patients who have swithced to an apnea device absolutely LOVE them.  If you've been diagnose with apnea and hate your CPAP, we now have a wonderful alternative for you. Ask about it at your next visit! 

Dental Implants
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